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Thank you for your interest in distributing and promoting TypeAbility. TypeAbility for JAWS and Fusion is the simplest, yet most thorough and enjoyable typing/computer tutor for the blind and visually impaired!

We offer the following to dealers:

  • The industry-standard discount on all TypeAbility orders
  • One fully authorized TypeAbility installation for your personal use and demo purposes
  • Timely customer tech support from our own U.S. developers

We expect the following from dealers:

  • You become acquainted with TypeAbility features and learn to use it.
  • You  fill all client orders with both a current version of TypeAbility and its accompanying documentation.
  • Timely payment for sales (all invoices are payable in U.S. dollars.)
  • Because of the interdependence of JAWS and TypeAbility, TypeAbility Dealers are usually JAWS/Fusion dealers.

Dealer Applications


Q: What is the relationship between TypeAbility and JAWS/Fusion?

A: TypeAbility uses the JAWS speech engine and JAWS scripting capabilities in order to run. So, JAWS/Fusion must be running at the same time as TypeAbility is running. 

Q: How is TypeAbility licensed?

A: In the TypeAbility versions prior to V4.5, the TypeAbility license was dependent on the JAWS serial number.  Now, however, TypeAbility has its own licensing scheme which is independent of the JAWS serial number.  TypeAbility's license is wedded to the current computer it is installed on. So, JAWS versions and serial numbers can change, but TypeAbility will remain forever authorized on the computer it is installed on.

Q: What happens if I get a new version of JAWS/Fusion? Will TypeAbility still run  with that new version?

A: Whenever a new version of JAWS/Fusion is installed, TypeAbility's JAWS scripts must be installed into that new version.  So, after installing a new version of JAWS, TypeAbility must be reinstalled into that current version.  Note that this is totally independent of TypeAbility's License. TypeAbility will forever be authorized on the particular computer.  It's just that TypeAbility's JAWS scripts must be reinstalled when a new version of JAWS/Fusion is installed.