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TypeAbility is run by pressing the top row Function Keys twice quickly.

  • F1. Repeat Instructions. Pressing F1 twice quickly, will remind the student what they're supposed to type.
  • F2. Next Lesson or Repeat Lesson. Pressing F2 twice quickly, goes to the next lesson. F2, 3 times quickly, repeats the lesson.
  • F3. Run a Keyboarding Lesson or Game. Pressing F3 twice quickly, opens the Pick a Lesson or Task dialog that contains a list of the 98 TypeAbility Keyboarding lessons and Games.  If you are in Teacher's mode, F3 opens the Pick a Teacher's Lesson or Task dialog.
  • F4. Run a Dictation Lesson. Pressing F4 twice quickly, opens a dialog with a list of all the TypeAbility Dictation lessons and tasks. These lessons require good keyboarding skills.  If you are in Teacher's mode, then F4 opens the Pick a Teacher's Dictation Lessons dialog,
  • F5. Run a Race Of Current Keyboarding Task. Pressing F5 twice quickly during a Keyboarding task starts speed & accuracy test for that task.
  • F6. Run an Academic Quiz. Pressing F6 twice quickly, opens a dialog with a list of 4 major Academic Subjects. Right Arrow to display the Topics under each Subject. After pressing ENTER on a Topic, another dialog list opens, where you can pick one of the quizzes devoted to that Topic. Quizzes require good keyboarding skills.
  • F11. TypeAbility or Teacher's Mode. Pressing F11, twice quickly, toggles between TypeAbility mode, and Teacher's mode. When in Teachers mode, F3 opens a dialog list of the Teachers Keyboarding lessons, and F4 opens a dialog list of the Teacher's Dictation Lessons.
  • F12. Progress Reports. Pressing F12, twice quickly, opens the Student's Progress Report dialog for the current session. If you press F12, 3 times quickly, then the student’s complete History document opens, containing everything they have done in every TypeAbility 4 session.
  • ESCAPE. When in the Main TypeAbility window,  ESCAPE Pressed 3 Times quickly, closes TypeAbility, and saves session information in the History Document. In a dialog window, ESCAPE closes and cancels any changes made.
  • CONTROL+U. Opens the User Preferences dialog where you can customize how TypeAbility functions.
  • CONTROL+SHIFT+U. Tells you your current User Preferences.
  • For JAWS and ZoomText Fusion: INSERT+H, or Insert+F1. Opens the 40-page TypeAbility Help document.
  • INSERT+Q. Says the current TypeAbility version.
pdfDownload Quick Hotkey Help PDF