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YesAccessible is a small company with a big heart.  We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled tech support whenever necessary. You can email us or give us a phone call and we'll be sure to get back to you . . . sometimes immediately, and usually no later than 24 hours! 


phone: 626-358-5750


Here are excellent Help documents and videos to get you started with TypeAbility.

"How to Install and Activate TypeAbility"

Click above to open it.

"Quick Hotkey Help"

Click the link above to open a short document listing all the hotkeys necessary to run TypeAbility. The document is named "Quick Hotkey Help". The hotkeys for running TypeAbility are the Function keys F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, etc. The fact that those keys are so easy to find makes running TypeAbility a cinch, even for the very beginning student.

"Complete TypeAbility Help"

Click the link above to open a longer document, describing all the details of running TypeAbility. It's named "Complete TypeAbility Help". It also includes a page for "Quick Hotkey Help"

Video Tutorials for Teachers

Click the link above to open a folder of 3 videos designed for a sighted teacher.  The videos are also of value for the blind and visually impaired.