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This TypeAbility Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures for collecting or not collecting, using, and disclosing your information when you use TypeAbility.

Collecting and Using Your Usage Data

Usage Data is comprised of:

  • The name of the user
  • The time and date of each use
  • The time spent on TypeAbility
  • Scores and grades for each lesson
  • User Preferences

All Usage Data is stored on the local computer only. It is stored locally merely for the purpose of tracking student progress, You have the right to delete Usage Data from the computer at any time you wish. 

TypeAbility does not send any Usage Data external to the local computer. It is not sent back to YesAccessible or to a third party.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

The only Personal Data stored externally to the user’s computer is for the purpose of authorizing TypeAbility. And in institutions like School Districts, Personal Data does not refer to the student user, but the purchaser/installer of TypeAbility. The Soraco Licensing Manager is used for authorizing TypeAbility. It stores the data in order to:

  • Allow the initial activation of TypeAbility
  • Allow possible future installations of TypeAbility on the User's future computers

The data stored in the Soraco Licensing Manager is:

  • Purchaser’s Name (which may or may not be the user’s name)
  • Purchaser’s Email (which may or may not be the user’s name)
  • Computer ID
  • Activation key for that computer
  • JAWS Serial Number
  • Number of TypeAbility installations allowed

 During activation of TypeAbility, the computer must be connected to the Internet and the product Activation key must be entered. Once TypeAbility is installed and activated, no internet connection is ever required because TypeAbility runs without communicating with the internet.

Note that in educational institutions, Personal Data usually does not refer to the Personal Data of the student, but rather to the purchasing and/or installing agent.

If the user deactivates the TypeAbility license and uninstalls TypeAbility, the user can then install TypeAbility on another computer because the user's Personal Data in the Soraco License Manager has maintained the installation privileges of the user.

Changes to this Software Privacy Policy

If we ever update Our TypeAbility Privacy Policy we will notify you via email and/or a prominent notice on TypeAbility before the change becomes effective and update the "Last updated" date at the top of this TypeAbility Privacy Policy.